"Our industry expertise is your competitive advantage"

With road marking removal speeds of up to 110 ft/minute, we ensure a job done right and on time

About Us

Danton Hydroblasting was formed in 2007 in order to provide stripe removal, concrete surface preparation, and airport runway services to the civil construction industry.  Our focus has always been providing unparalleled service to our clients, meeting and exceeding their expectations. 

Road Stripe Removal

The primary focus of Danton Hydroblasting is providing stripe removal services to some of the largest General Contractors in the country.  Whether removing temporary paint markings for traffic shifts or permanent thermoplastic markings, our machines offer full vacuum recovery services to ensure a clean surface.

Airport Services

We offer both rubber removal and paint marking removal services to airports across the Southeast.  Our resume includes recent projects at MCO (Orlando International), TIA (Tampa International), and Tallahassee Regional (TLH) where our custom hydroblasters removed both existing runway markings and runway rubber buildup.