Orlando International Taxiway “G” & “H”

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Truck H4 removing a centerline on Taxiway "H" at Orlando International Airport


Danton was recently contracted to remove all markings on Taxiway “G” and “H” for the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority.  Danton completed over 50,000SF of removal under a tight time frame utilizing our new NLB Star Jet removal system and achieved removal speeds of over 100 ft/min on most surfaces.

With no scarring of the concrete surface and minimal dry time, Danton minimized the closure time for each section of Taxiway and reinforced why waterblasting is the preffered method of removal on airfields.  Call today for a quote and experience the difference!


I-4 Success

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Danton operator Carlos removing an existing thermoplastic edgeline on I-4.


There are few roads more heavily travelled than the stretch of Interstate 4 near the attractions in Orlando, Florida.  When Angco Striping needed removal services on this stretch of road, Danton got the call.  The project involved shifting 8 lanes of traffic to a newly paved outside shoulder in order to make way for a new overpass.  The project required the removal of existing edgeline and skip thermoplastic markings both Eastbound and Westbound.  “We rely on Danton’s ability to handle the marking removal on these critical traffic  swaps so we can focus on the striping end of it”  says Drew Brownlee, Field Superintendent for Angco Striping.  “Danton Delivers” he says.

Call today to experience the Danton Difference!

Tallahassee Regional Airport

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Tallahassee Regional Airport

Danton completes runway marking removal at Tallahassee Regional Airport.  Danton was contracted to remove approximately 75,000sf of runway markings on Tallahassee Regional Airport Runway 9-27.  The project was completed in two mobilizations and was finished on time.  Below is a picture of one of our hydroblasters removing a portion of the blast pad.  Call us today to experience the Danton Difference.